Production and investment cooperation forum held in Nigeria - China zone

Source:木迪乐   Date:2017-03-27

In March 23, 2017, the Embassy in Nigeria and Nepal, Chinese industry trade and investment department in Lagos jointly organized the "China Nepal zone capacity and investment cooperation forum". Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, industry, trade and investment minister Aisha - Abu Bakar representative, National Auto Industry Development Council director Aminu Djalal, Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) general manager attended the meeting and delivered speeches on behalf of matsu.
The general manager of the special assistant to the governor of Lagos, Benjamin Rabin, China National Development Bank of Nigeria group, Ms. golden rain zone development zone development company chairman Baden Da Pi Ray, Ding Yonghua, general manager of ERON steel company Li Jianwen FTA speeches. The embassy Consul General in Lagos, Xiao Liang nest in Nigeria counsellor Zhao Linxiang, Minister counsellor Liu Junsheng in Lagos business chamber, West Africa and the Nigeria Federation of overseas Chinese President Dong Ruie, Chinese, director of the research center of Charles Horno, the Nigerian federal government, the state government of Lagos, Nigeria, Nigerian businessmen in the Chinese business representatives of nearly 300 people attended the meeting.
Ambassador Zhou Pingjian said in his speech, the forum as a continuation of Nepal economic and Trade Forum President Buhari's visit to China, reflects the Chinese characteristics has consistently uphold the "true, real, pro, honesty of non policy concept and non cooperation, solidarity that. After the China Africa Cooperation Forum in Johannesburg in 2015, China actively promote the ten major cooperation program, the non commitment to $60 billion in funding support as of last year has been implemented nearly 50%. Nepal as a developing country, both sides will each other as an important strategic partner, since 1971 since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the fields and the high quality of cooperation, is a model of non cooperation, has brought tangible benefits to the two peoples. This month launched the "economic recovery and growth plan" (ERGP) is similar with the Chinese "13th Five-Year" planning time, and are committed to economic transformation and upgrading, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. Nepal will be listed as ERGP's five largest industrial development priorities, and the "13th Five-Year" plan actively resolve the overcapacity of the demand is echoing each other. "Made in Nigeria - cooperation with China" will effectively promote the two sides to achieve their own development goals.
Aminu, director general, said the Nigerian government attaches great importance to the development of the industry, and as the key to sustainable economic development. The Chinese for their great efforts in the meeting to express my heartfelt thanks and hope that the two sides of government this forum as an opportunity to expand bilateral FTA based on pragmatic cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
Zone General Manager Ding Yonghua introduced the progress in the park infrastructure, investment and operation of the zone this year, and announced the park for export-oriented enterprises, the new policy support at the venue, namely the enterprise production reached half of the use of local raw materials, half products exported abroad, can enjoy preferential thirty percent off management fee (2018 park to 2020), the land price discount of twenty percent off treatment.
Ambassador Zhou Pingjian also visited the venue Neilaiji FTA enterprises booth, and had a cordial conversation with the exhibitors staff, to understand the situation of enterprise production operation.
After the meeting, the governor's special assistant Benjamin • and embassy counselor in the city of Commerce, attended the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the park bus, Zhao Linxiang, director of the Embassy of the Republic of China in.

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