Lagos governor Aikenwoodmi Abod visited zone

Source:木迪乐   Date:2017-03-27

        On March 24, 2017, Lagos governor Aikenwoodmi Abod (Akinwunmi Ambode) the rate of Lagos cabinet zone to inspect。
      Changan border zone listened to the general manager Ding Yonghua of park construction, investment operations development and challenges report. Andrew Baird fully affirmed and highly appraised on the progress and achievements made in recent years in the zone.
Andrew Baird pointed out that the state government to pay before the end of the calendar year in Nigeria shareholders equity capital of $15 million, to speed up the development zone adjacent to the park; Hong Kong Lecky to accelerate, to ensure that the end of April this year to start the construction, the port zone is starting a Development Zone internal assurance; community problems are not transferred 800 hectares of land to be completed within six months formalities, transferred to the zone development company; the state government should accelerate the construction of supporting zone road infrastructure, the park is only a coastal highway leading to the outside areas, obviously can not support the park and a future development of Hong Kong, the state government and non fund, development zone the company, Dangote group as soon as possible to discuss, come up with solutions.
       In the field of admission to the enterprise ERON steel pipe and Asia Africa heavy duty free trade company in the field of research, the governor and the person in charge of the exchange, and the size of the two companies, advanced technology and equipment to give a high degree of recognition. He said that the state government will vigorously support the development of enterprises in the park. The future of Lagos buses, stadium steel structure, oil and gas and water supply pipelines and other government procurement projects will give priority to "zone" products.
       Ann Boyd stressed that the state government is committed to ensuring the smooth development zone, in the next two years, the zone as the axis of the eastern Lagos region will achieve great development and great leap.
       The Lekki Free Trade Zone Development Company Chairman Abiodun Dabiri, deputy general manager of Rotimi Ibrahim, engineering director Huang Xigong, general manager of Widespread Portfolios Ltd Tunde Sodade, a park official accompanied the inspection.

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